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Notes about this sample proposal:

I deliver a proposal to the client at least a week before testing starts, to give the team time to review and adjust the test design.  The details in this sample are drawn from several different projects.  In an actual proposal, focus questions and tasks would be more numerous and more specific.  This example represents an evaluation of a company web site.

Usability Test Proposal

Libby Hanna



Company has requested a usability test to assess comprehension, navigation, and qualitative impressions of its general web site, Company.com.  On Date, six participants will perform structured tasks using the web site and then evaluate the site.  The participants will fit a target user profile for the web site.  The results of the test will provide Company with feedback on ease of use and user satisfaction with the Web site, and recommendations for redesigning the site in order to maximize user appeal.

Test Focus Questions

Usability Questions

Do users get a clear and accurate picture of Company from their initial interaction with the web site?

Can users easily access information about what Company offers?

Can they quickly find specific details about Company that they are interested in?

Can they find their way back to pieces of information that they had seen before?

Is the text on the page (headings, labels, hyperlinks) clear?

Do links afford appropriate expectations for the resulting pages?

Qualitative Questions

How do users react to the design of the Web site?  Do they find it organized, attractive, and easy to use?

Do they feel like the site is appropriately geared to their profession?

Do they find the information on the Web site useful?  What else would they like to see to make it more useful?

Would they recommend the site to others?  




Participants will first fill out consent and confidentiality agreements, and answer a background questionnaire.  Then participants will perform a series of tasks using the web site.  After all tasks are completed, participants will answer a post-test questionnaire.


Data gathered will be observations of usability issues, time on task, success rates on task, and qualitative reactions and ratings.

Test Tasks

Take five minutes and explore the Company web site.  Please state aloud your first impressions and what draws your attention in the site.  Then close the browser window and describe in your own words what Company is all about.

Based on this first impression, what do you like most so far about the Company web site?

What donít you like about it?


For the following tasks, imagine you need to make a presentation to your colleagues on Company in order to discuss whether or not you should use Company for future business needs.  In order to make the presentation, you need to gather some basic information about Company.  Please perform the following tasks with this goal in mind.

  1. A colleague has told you to check out the ____ product offered by Company.  Find information about it on the web site.

  2. Find out what other people have said about Company after using their products.

  3. Find a list of products that will work best with your specific equipment.

  4. See if there are any reviews for these products that will help you evaluate them.

  5. Where is Company located?

  6. Find out how long Company has been in business.

  7. What web resources does Company offer for customers?

  8. Pick something you remember seeing when you first explored the web site (or the tester chooses something) and see if you can find your way back to it.

Background Questionnaire

What is your age?

What is your gender?

What is your current job title?

How long have you been in this position?  (If under 2 years, please give previous job titles.)

Please describe your general responsibilities in your current position.

How long have you used a computer?

How long have you used the Internet?

What computer and Internet resources do you use for your work?

Which of these resources is your favorite?  Why?

Post-test Questionnaire

Please rate the Company  web site in answer to the following questions (rate on a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 = Completely Disagree and 5 = Completely Agree), and explain your answer:

It was easy to find information in the Company web site. 

The Company web site appears to have all the functions and capabilities I need.

I was able to recover from mistakes very quickly in the Company web site.

I am satisfied with the Company web site.

What did you find most useful in this web site?

What didnít you like about this web site?

What was missing from this web site?

Who do you think is the best audience for this web site?  Who do you think it is designed for?

Would you recommend this web site to others?  Why or why not?  


Contact me at libbyh@earthlink.net


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